Exact and conceptual matches

Whenever you select or search for concept(s) in Daylight, you see the number of that concept's exact, conceptual, and (if applicable) excluded matches in the Concept Details pane.

Exact matches, which appear with a solid underline in the matching documents section, represent the number of documents in the dataset that contain exact matches to your search term. 

Linguistically speaking, Luminoso counts both surface and "stemmed" forms of the term as exact matches. For example, "pour" and "poured" are exact matches in Daylight. "Love my beer" and "love the beer" are also examples of exact matches. 

Conceptual matches, which appear with a dashed underline in the matching documents section, are concepts that are closely associated to the concept you selected. Usually, a close conceptual match is located closely to your selected concept in the project’s vector space. 

When you search for one or multiple concepts, the results include a percentage of the discussion volume that includes both exact and conceptual matches for your specified term. If you exclude a concept using Advanced Concept Search, Daylight excludes all documents that contain exact matches for that concept from your results.

In this example, "chocolate" is the selected concept and top related concepts include other flavors like “caramel” and “vanilla.” Conceptual matches in this dataset include other kinds of chocolate, like "cocoa" and "cacao." Daylight displays these concepts since they were used in similar contexts to “chocolate.” 

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