Daylight | Cloud | 2019-12-21

New Features

  • Redesigned account handling


  • Natural Language Processing: enhanced handling of emoji variants

  • API: Science version information included in a project record’s last_build_info

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Redesigned account handling

In 2019, Luminoso redesigned account handling in Daylight and combined the former User and Account Settings pages into a unified Settings page. These changes: 

  • Clarify roles and permissions

  • Make account management more intuitive at every level

  • Introduce better password rules

  • Manage API tokens more securely

This update replaces "accounts" with the clearer designation of “workspaces,” and introduces "organizations." Workspaces allow users in organizations to have permission levels for each workspace. With this infrastructure change, you can set up separate workspaces so that users only see as much data as they need. For instance, one user in an organization may need to create projects in one workspace, but only has to view data in another.

With this release, you no longer view or manage short-lived API tokens in the Daylight application, since this type of token is only for active browser sessions. Now, you can create as many long-lived API tokens for authenticating integrations as you need and tokens are only visible immediately after their creation.

Read more in our article on the new roles and actions in Daylight and or the guide to the Settings page.

Natural Language Processing: enhanced handling of emoji variations

With this release, we introduce updates to our natural language processing that help Daylight handle emoji variations better.

For example, when you search for the (“person shrugging emoji”), you now find documents that contain any variation of the person shrugging emoji, like (“man shrugging: medium-dark skin tone”).  The Volume, Drivers and Galaxy visualizations now provide the total volume of any emoji that displays a person shrugging, but still preserve the details of the specific emoji variations that are used at the document excerpt level.

Flag emoji that are composed of multiple characters are now preserved as a single concept. For example, the two separate concepts of "flag piece: U" and "flag piece: S" will now be preserved as a single concept.

Science version information included in a project record’s last_build_info

Now, when you call a project record, a science version identifier is included. This string displays the version of Luminoso science at the last time the project was built.

You can compare this number against the latest available science version that displays in the statusendpoint. If your project is out-of-date, you can rebuild it using the build endpoint. For more information, read our Projects section in the API Documentation.

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