Daylight | Cloud | 2019-10-12


  • Highlights and Volume: Changes to default sorting

  • Sentiment: Changes to default sorting

  • Updated button look and feel

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Highlights and Volume: Changes to default sorting

When you view the Volume feature, you now see concepts sorted by exact matches (descending) by default. As part of this change, we removed the Choose sort order menu. 

To adjust the way concepts are sorted, click the column headers to sort by ascending or descending order. 

Sentiment: Feature configuration moved to the left 

With this release, we removed the Select options and Sort order menus that appeared at the top of the Sentiment feature view. This change helps declutter the feature view and create more space for exploring data. 

You can now sort using column headers or configure your options by sentiment suggestions, top concepts, and saved concepts in the Configure sentiment visualization pane at the left of the page.

Updated button look and feel 

With this release, we updated and standardized the buttons in Daylight to continue to ensure that Daylight continues to meet accessibility standards. This update also creates more consistency throughout the Daylight user interface. This change does not affect how you use the product.

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