Compass | Cloud | 2019-12-07

Science Update

  • QuickLearn 2.0

LEARN MORE | QuickLearn 2.0 

With this release, Luminoso introduces QuickLearn 2.0 to all Compass Cloud users. This major improvement to Luminoso’s science includes improved handling of social bias in datasets and an expansion from 150 to 300 dimensions for word embeddings. Now, your classifiers display major improvements in conceptual matching and handling of possible social biases. 

All new Compass classifiers are now built using QuickLearn 2.0. You must manually upgrade old Compass classifiers. Luminoso recommends you upgrade your existing Compass classifiers to use QuickLearn 2.0 science.

As part of QuickLearn 2.0, you’ll see: 

  • Updated conceptual matches — As a result of strengthened conceptual matching, you will see more intuitive and a higher number of conceptual matches for concepts. 

  • Improved language support — QuickLearn 2.0 expands the starting vocabulary across the 15 languages Luminoso supports. This change improves accuracy, especially in non-English languages and in Compass classification.

  • Reduced bias — Enhanced understanding significantly decreases the risk of bias in natural language understanding (NLU) results, especially for categories protected from discrimination

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