Compass | Cloud | 2020-05-09


  • Upgrade to library for voting classifier training

Upgrade to library for voting classifier training

With this release, we introduce an upgrade to the library Compass uses to train voting classifiers. The updated library is backward-compatible with existing classifiers. 

However, the log file will display warnings when a voting classifier trained with the old library is first loaded with the new code. We recommend rebuilding the classifiers to prevent unexpected or invalid classification results.

You can easily rebuild while the old version of the classifier is active. Rebuild one of two ways: 

  1. Click Rebuild Classifier in the UI. 

  2. Issue a POST request to the /api/projects/<project_id>/p/classifiers/<classifier>/rebuild/ endpoint in the API. 

As soon as the rebuilding process is complete, the old classifier is deactivated and all classification requests are handled by the new classifier.

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