Compass | Cloud | 2020-06-06


  • Delete datasets from projects

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Delete datasets from projects

Now, you can delete datasets from Compass projects. A dataset is either specified in a dataset field in your documents or in the UI using the Create Dataset button. When you create a classifier, you can specify the dataset you want to use. Once you delete that dataset, you won't be able to rebuild any classifier using it, but all classifiers remain available. 

To delete a dataset: 

  1. Log in to Compass and select the project you want to change. 

  2. Select Datasets in the Project detail sidebar. The Datasets page opens.

  3. Find the dataset you want to delete and click X in the Delete Dataset column. A confirmation window appears.

  4. Click Delete when you are ready to delete your dataset. The dataset is now deleted. Any classifier it was attached to is still available, but you can’t rebuild it using this dataset. 

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