Daylight | Cloud | 2020-09-12


  • Project management: Select and delete multiple saved concepts in the left sidebar

  • Drivers: Save concepts using + icon 

  • Search: Search bar moved to the top of visualization space

  • API: Added result_count field to the get documents endpoint

Select and delete multiple saved concepts in the left sidebar

With this release, you can now use a checkbox in the left sidebar to select and delete multiple saved concepts. This change makes it easier and smoother to manage your saved concepts in Daylight.

To delete multiple saved concepts

  1. Select the Concept details tab in the left sidebar. 

  2. Select any saved concepts you want to delete, or use Select all to select all saved concepts. 

  3. Click Delete selected. A dialog box appears.

  4. Click Ok to delete the concepts you selected.  

Save concepts using + icon in Drivers

Now, when you click the + icon to the left of a concept’s name in the Drivers concept list, the concept is added to your saved concept list.  

This change increases feature parity, since this ability was already available in Volume and Sentiment.

Search: Search bar moves to the top of visualization space

As part of our series of single sidebar changes, as of this release, the search bar is located above feature visualizations in Volume, Galaxy, Drivers, and Sentiment.  This change helps make your Daylight experience more universal as you move from feature to feature. 

Now, when you search for a concept or select it from a feature visualization, the concept appears in the search bar.  If the concept you select is saved, the edit saved concept icon appears next to the search bar. If it is unsaved, a Save concept icon appears. At the end of the bar, view a summary of search results. As of this release, you still view search and concept details in the right sidebar.

For more information on changes coming to Daylight’s layout, read our article on Introducing a Single Sidebar to Daylight.    

Added result_count field to the Get documents endpoint

With this release, we added a result_count field to the Get documents endpoint. This new field displays the number of documents that match any filter and search you applied when you called the Get documents endpoint. 

Note: If a search is applied, only documents that contain exact or conceptual matches for that search are included in results.

For more on the Get documents endpoint, read its section in the API documentation


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