Daylight | Cloud | 2020-07-25

We’re excited to introduce Concept-Level Sentiment analysis to Luminoso Daylight. Concept-Level Sentiment uses deep learning to intelligently detect sentiment for all concepts in every Daylight document. 

Previously, Daylight detected sentiment in every document as a whole, but did not provide insight for each concept’s sentiment. With this major step forward, Daylight includes sentiment technology that is on par with the industry gold standard, all as part of the app – still with no coding or ontologies required. Head to Science Explained: Sentiment for more information on Concept-Level Sentiment in Daylight 

Use Concept-Level Sentiment to: 

  • Catch buried positive and negative sentiment items that other tools miss

  • View positive, negative, and neutral sentiment examples for each concept

  • Export from the Sentiment feature and see more sentiment examples for each concept 

Concept-Level Sentiment in Projects

Daylight Cloud users have access to Concept-Level Sentiment on July 25, 2020. To access

Concept-Level Sentiment: 

  • Click the Upgrade science button on the Project details card on the Highlights page. 

  • Create a Daylight new project or add new documents to an existing project 

  • Leave a project unopened for six months after July 25, 2020, generating an automatic science rebuild. 

Concept-Level Sentiment is calculated after the core Daylight build. Since the time it takes Sentiment to build depends on dataset size, it may take several hours to complete large datasets. While Sentiment is building, you can’t access the Sentiment feature, though you can explore all other Daylight features. 

To view Concept-Level Sentiment in an existing Daylight project

  1. Open the project you wish to rebuild with Concept-Level Sentiment. The project opens to the Highlights feature.

  2. Check to see if the project uses Document-Level Sentiment. If it does, you see a banner at the top of the page asking you to upgrade.


  3. Click Upgrade science on the Project details card on the Highlights page. A confirmation window appears, notifying you that your project will be rebuilt with upgraded science.


  4. Click Upgrade. Your project begins to upgrade.
    Note: Because Sentiment in Daylight is calculated after the core build is done, you may have to wait to access the Sentiment feature after the rest of the build.

To use the Concept-Level Sentiment Feature

  1. Open a fully built project that uses Concept-Level Sentiment. The Highlights feature opens. 

  2. Take a look at the What concepts do people feel strongly about? card to view initial concept sentiment suggestions.
    Note: Because sentiment suggestions prioritize sentiment is strong and has high confidence scores, this card will display very negative suggestions. 

  3. Open Sentiment by clicking Sentiment feature on the What concepts do people feel strongly about? card in Highlights or the Sentiment icon. The Sentiment feature opens. By default, the visualization displays sentiment suggestions, which are concepts that Daylight has identified as having especially strong sentiment. 


    Note: Because sentiment suggestion concepts are prioritized by strong sentiment, they may appear polarized and usually include very little neutral sentiment. 

  4. Use the arrows at the top of the concept list to sort concepts alphabetically, by number of exact matches, percent negative, or percent positive. 

  5. Change the concepts displayed in the concept list using the options in Configure sentiment visualization

  6. Click on an interesting concept to view examples of how the concept is used in contexts with negative, positive, and neutral sentiment.

    Note: If Daylight can't confidently determine that a concept was used in a positive, negative, or neutral context, it does not display a corresponding example.

To conduct deeper analysis in spreadsheet exports

  1. Apply filters as desired. 

  2. Select a concept and click Download more matches to explore more matching documents. A spreadsheet downloads with documents based on:

    • The specific concept(s) you have selected

    • The filters you have selected.

    • The type of concept you have selected – Top concepts, Sentiment suggestions, or Saved concepts

  3. Open the spreadsheet. It opens automatically to the Sentiment distribution tab. 

  4. Use the Sentiment distribution tab to: 

    • Browse sentiment information for the total product

    • Skim sentiment information using color-coded concepts

    • View sentiment information for all concepts included in your filter

  5. Use the Sentiment documents tab to view all documents that were included in your filter, and their associated sentiment information.  

Other major Daylight updates 

Some Concept-Level Sentiment changes occur outside the Sentiment feature: 

  • Project management – Now, the Sentiment feature builds after the rest of the Daylight project. Optionally, receive emails that notify you when Sentiment is done calculating.  

  • Highlights card – The What concepts do people feel strongly about? card now displays information about concepts, not documents, that communicate strong sentiment. 

  • Update to build emails – Now, build emails reflect the build status for your overall project and for the sentiment feature. 

  • Sentiment export – Now, if a search is applied at the time of download, the Sentiment export contains two tabs. The second tab contains Sentiment Documents.
    Sentiment export – Advanced concepts are now included in the sentiment export. The export represents the same document in multiple rows so that each concept-document pair displays correct sentiment. 

  • Download Documents – The Download Documents export no longer displays sentiment information, since sentiment is now calculated on a concept-document pair basis, and not document-level basis. 

  • Concept details pane – Now, there is no option to select Sentiment documents in the Documents section of the Concept details pane, since Daylight no longer calculates sentiment on the document level.

API: Concept-Level Sentiment 

API users will also experience changes as part of Concept-Level Sentiment:

  • Sentiment information in the API is not available until sentiment finishes calculating 

  • Now, the get_concept_sentiment endpoint returns sentiment_counts and sentiment_shares, rather than only has always returned sentiment_share which is the % of positive negative neutral docs -- a concept “purchase” would turn up the % of positive documents, etc

  • To update, use the rebuild endpoint in the API to rebuild an existing project without adding documents 

  • Scripts which rely on knowing when the Sentiment build is done are going to have to be updated, as we will now be calculating sentiment after the regular build is complete

Additionally the newest version of the API client, version 2.0.1, now includes a wait_for_sentiment_build() method you can use if Concept-Level Sentiment is enabled in your Daylight Cloud Environment. Since the new Concept-Level Sentiment science is calculated after the core project build, you can use this new command in the same way the existing wait_for_build() method waits for the core project build to finish, wait_for_sentiment_build() waits for the Concept-Level Sentiment build to finish. Since Concept-Level Sentiment always finishes after the core project build, this is useful for scripts that use the API to build a project and then get sentiment data from it.



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