Daylight | Cloud | 2020-08-29


  • Project Management: Introducing new tabbed left sidebar

Introducing new tabbed left sidebar

With this release, we move the filter documents, concept management, and configure visualization to a new tabbed left sidebar. This is the first step in a series of changes to the Daylight layout and workflow. Read more in our Introducing a Single Sidebar to Daylight post.

Now, the left sidebar has three tabs: 

  • Filter documents – Use your project’s metadata to filter the concepts that you see in visualizations. Click Expand all to open all available filters. 

  • Select concepts –  Save suggested concepts, or select concepts that you’ve saved already. Before, this information was only available in Galaxy, but you can now access it through the sidebar in all features. 

  • Configure visualization  – Use visualization options to select, if available, what concepts to visualize, whether to use unique to this filter, whether to include conceptual matches in match numbers, and other visualization criteria, depending on the feature.
    Note: This tab is not available in the Galaxy. 

Over the next few releases, other elements of the current right sidebar will move out of the right sidebar:  

  • Concept selection tool, and concept editor flyout 

  • Search details and Matching documents

  • The concept search bar 

This change helps increase parity across features, enhances concept management, and provides more space for visualizations.


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