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  • Introducing the Luminoso Support Center

New application of Luminoso’s science

  • Search Enhancement


  • Galaxy: Large document projects no longer crash

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Introducing the Luminoso Support Center

We’re excited to announce that our support documentation is moving to a new hosting location. Now, access all help articles on the new Confluence-hosted Luminoso Support Center

Tickets and support issues should still be submitted through the current ticketing portal until April 24, 2020. 

We also recommend updating any article bookmarks before the current Luminoso Help Center shuts down in early May 2020. We’ll continue to offer reminders about the move until that point. 

We welcome you to send any questions to your Customer Success Manager or reach out to us at

Search Enhancement

We recently introduced Search Enhancement with Luminoso, an exciting application of our core QuickLearn science. Use Search Enhancement to supplement any traditional search engine’s keyword index. 

Search Enhancement eliminates the manual work needed to create and maintain keyword lists. It surfaces not only exact terms, but also any other related ways people might express them, to help you deliver complete search results regardless of industry-specific words, misspellings, and slang. Search Enhancement can augment search engines in any domain, including those used for e-commerce sites, intranet systems, or wikis. 

Use Luminoso’s API to extract expanded keywords with associated weights. With this release, we introduce an API cookbook that details exactly how this process works. Read it at our Luminoso Support Center

If this functionality sounds like a good fit for your organization, request a demo on our website

Galaxy: Large document projects no longer crash

In some cases, users whose projects included large documents experienced a UI crash when they viewed the Galaxy and selected a concept. In this scenario, the UI would hang for over an hour.

With this release, we introduce improvements that prevent a long hang time, though the issue may still occur occasionally for shorter periods.

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