Luminoso Support CenterDaylight | Cloud | 2020-02-01

Daylight | Cloud | 2020-02-01


  • Science: Improved handling of collocations


  • Galaxy: The Galaxy no longer displays concepts with all zero vectors

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Improved handling of collocations

In this release, we improve the handling of collocations, or groups of words. When Luminoso processes your dataset, it creates collocations out of groups of words that are significant when used together, such as “dining room.” Previously, Luminoso would not collocate a group of words with a negative term in the middle. Now, a phrase like “no issues were resolved,” in which the negation begins the collocation, is conceptually identical to “the issue was not resolved,” which contains the negation in the middle of the collocation.

This change affects all 15 languages that Luminoso supports. You’ll see this change when you build a new project, update or rebuild an old project, or do not open a project for six months (which triggers  an automatic rebuild). To see this change in Compass projects, you must rebuild each classifier.

This change will affect each project differently. If your dataset contains a high number of negative phrases, you may see a change in your top 500 concepts or a slight difference in numbers of conceptual match scores. 

Galaxy no longer displays concepts with all zero vectors

Because the Galaxy represents associations between concepts, it no longer displays concepts that do not relate to other concepts. It is unusual for a concept to have no associations, and this scenario could exclusively happen if a concept only appeared by itself in every document. It could also happen if the concept was part of a collocation unique to its dataset and appeared alone in every document. This also means that the the concept did not exist in the background space.

Now, the Galaxy does not display these zero vector concepts.  Concepts with zero vectors will continue to display in the Volume, Sentiment and Drivers visualizations, if appropriate.


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