Compass account and user management

This article describes a few typical account and user management tasks. For full documentation, please see the Compass API documentation.

Note: Account and User management calls can only be executed by a site admin.

Access the API

Please go to and login.

Create an Account

To create a new account, use the POST /accounts/ endpoint and specify the name of the Account.

Once the Account is created, save the account id (“id”) to Notepad, especially if you are about to add users to the Account.

Create a User

To create a new user, use the POST /users/ endpoint and specify email, name, default account ID and whether the user is Admin.

Note: The email is the user ID. The user ID cannot be longer than 30 characters.

The temporary password is returned by the call and should be saved so it can be shared with the user

If you forget to copy and paste the temporary password, you can reset it by using the POST /users/<email>/password/reset/ call.

Grant Permissions to a User

Before a user can use Compass, permissions must be granted. By default you should not give users admin access, as site admins have full access.

To create a permission use use the POST /permissions/ endpoint and specify user’s email (id), account id and level (read, readwrite, manage)

Note: Permissions are granted to users based on account. If a user has access to multiple accounts, they may have different privileges.

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