Daylight | Cloud | 2021-01-30


Sidebar: Filters display more values

Typically, when you go to the Filter tab in the sidebar and expand one of the filters, you will see a list of the selectable options, such as with the “overall score” filter here.

When there are a large number of possible values in a filter, a search box is presented instead of a list, such as with the “style” filter here.

The threshold for going from a list to the search box has been changed from 30 to 100. Now, for any filter containing 100 or fewer options, the selectable values will be shown in a list.

Sidebar: Select Concept List success message shorter and dismissible

When you select a Shared Concept List to load, a success message is displayed over the list selector. The duration of this success message has been shortened and a dismiss option (“x”) has been added to the top right corner of the message.

Project management: Minor layout changes on Projects page

Minor layout changes have been made to the Projects page to make better use of real estate.

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