Daylight | Cloud | 2021-01-09

New features



Current view box 

With this release, we introduce a Viewing box at the top of the sidebar that contains information about what you’re currently viewing in Daylight. The Viewing box is visible no matter what tab you’re in, and displays the following information:

  • The total number of documents included in your filter selections, and what percentage of the project’s total documents that number is. 

  • What shared concept list you’re viewing, if any.

  • Your selection in the Which concepts to visualize section (top concepts, active concepts, unique to this filter).

  • All filter selections you’ve made, if any.

  • When viewing Drivers, what score field and number of concepts are selected.  

The Viewing box, located on the left side of the Daylight app over the sidebar.

If you open a project that hasn’t yet been configured by a user, the Viewing box will only display  three items: 

  • Unshared changes

  • Top concepts (50)

  • No filter selected

As you begin your analysis, and make more filter selections and choices about how you want to view features, more items will appear in the box. Once there are more than three items, a Show more arrow appears that you can click to expand the box and view all information. 

Click Show less to contract the box. 

Science: Improvements to sentiment calculation speed

With this release, we introduce improvements to our Sentiment science that helps Daylight calculate sentiment data more quickly when you rebuild a project. 

Project management: Blank documents are not billed 

Daylight now identifies blank documents, which do not include text for analysis, at the upload stage. Now, these documents are not counted for billing purposes, eliminating the need for you to request refunds from your CSM for such cases.

API Client: v4 API client is no longer available 

With this release, the v4 API client is no longer available for download. This announcement comes after the deprecation of all v4 API endpoints in the December 19, 2020 release

Single sidebar: Opening a concept list no longer displays “Copy of”

Now, when you open a shared concept list in your active concept space, the Active concept list pane displays only the name of the list, without including “Copy of.” The behavior of the lists has not changed.  

Sentiment: Export option is no longer available for projects without sentiment analysis

Daylight no longer offers the option to export projects that don’t include sentiment analysis, since there is no information to export. 

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