Daylight | Cloud | 2020-12-19




Single sidebar: Tabs move to top of sidebar 

With this release, we move the sidebar tabs to the top of the sidebar to maximize real estate in the app. We also exchanged the order of the Configure visualization and Filter documents tabs.

Single sidebar: Improved layout for Configure visualization tab 

With this release, we add some layout changes to the Configure visualization tab that help make it easier to use, both on its own, and in relation to the rest of Daylight. Now, the tab:

  • Displays the Number of concepts dropdown to the right of the label.

  • Always displays the Number of concepts value. 

  • Includes a link to the Active concepts tab below the Active Concepts selector. 

  • Includes a link to the Filter documents tab below the Unique to this filter selector.


Settings: Settings page now accessible only from the upper right corner 

With this release, the Settings page is now only accessible from the upper right corner, under your username. This also means that the “Project” hyperlink with a downward facing arrow was removed.

Now, open the Projects page by clicking the Luminoso icon in the top ribbon.

Highlights: Updated locations for project management buttons 

With this release, we remove the Project details card from Highlights, and change some of the actions you could take there into new buttons for:

  • Upgrade science (only available when your science is not up-to-date)

  • Upload more

  • Copy project

  • Delete project 

Additionally, you can now find some of the project details previously stored in the card in the footer. 

Settings: Updated organization of sidebar 

Now, the Settings page navigation is organized into Personal settings, Team settings, and Support sections to help you navigate more easily.

We also added more documentation links to the Support section. 

Account management: SAML users no longer have issues accepting invitations to Daylight 

SAML users were having problems accepting invitations, due to a problem on the backend. This bug is fixed.

Project management: Displays more accurate message when a filter is too small

We replaced an error message that appeared when a filter was too small to display any concepts with a new one that’s more accurate. The new message reads: 

  • "The documents in the current filter don't have enough concepts to display. Try changing or clearing the filter."

API: All v4 endpoints are now marked as deprecated

With this release, all v4 API endpoints are marked as deprecated. The deprecation date for cloud users is planned for 2021-06-19. As of this release, all v4 functionality is duplicated in the v5 API, with the exception of:

  • "Log in" and "Log out".  These endpoints do not have v5 equivalents, since the Luminoso API Client allows you to log in for long enough to get a permanent API token. After you get a permanent API token, you don’t need to log in again. 

We recommend transitioning any v4 use to the equivalent v5 endpoints. Read about any remaining v4 functionality and how you can replicate it in v5 in the v4 API documentation

Explore the v5 API functionality in the API documentation

API: exact_only removed from API 2020-12-19

With this release, we remove the exact_only parameter from the API. It was initially marked for deprecation a year ago. 

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