Daylight | Cloud | 2020-11-07

New features


Collaborative concept lists

Luminoso is excited to announce Collaborative Concept Lists, the most recent set of usability improvements to Daylight. This change helps improve how users save and organize concepts in Daylight. It combines two changes –  active concepts and shared concept lists – that work together to improve concept management and exploration. 

Before this release: 

  • You could save only one set of concepts per project, for all users.

  • When one user changed the saved concept list, it updated for all users.

  • You could use saved concepts to populate visualizations.

  • You interacted with saved concepts in the Select concepts tab

After this release:

  • Your existing saved concepts (if any) are converted to a shared concept list named with the date that the list was converted on. For most users, this date will be 2020-11-07, the date of the cloud release. 

  • Anywhere that Daylight previously used “saved concepts,” you’ll now see “active concepts.'

  • Active concepts are applied for a single user.

  • You can save your active concepts as a shared concept list to come back to or share with other users.

  • Any user can save as many shared concept lists as they want. 

  • Shared concept lists are accessible by any user who has access to the project.

  • You interact with active concepts in the Active concepts tab, in the same location as the Select concepts tab.

Active concepts and shared concept lists

Using active concepts is easy and is very similar to how you used saved concepts before. Add any concept to your active concept list by selecting a concept from a feature or the search bar, or by opening and editing an existing shared concept list. Then, save and share any group of active concepts you’d like to keep. 

Active concepts: 

  • Allow users to experiment with concepts in a private scratch space. 

  • Encourage exploration of Daylight without fear of losing concepts or making permanent changes.

  • Let view-only users load shared concept lists and manipulate their own active concepts.

  • Are persistent after logging out and returning to a project.  

Shared concept lists:

  • Provide better organization of concepts with Shared Concept lists. 

  • Allow exploration of a single project using different lenses, such as service or emotion.

  • Enhance in-project collaboration for projects with multiple users. 

  • Separate interesting dataset subsets without needing to create multiple Daylight projects. 

Concepts remain in your active concepts list until you delete them or load a different shared concept list. You can add the same concept to multiple shared concept lists. For instance, if “smell” was relevant to two users’ lists, they could both add that concept to their lists. Concepts with the same name that are in multiple lists don’t update universally.

Changes that you make in your active concept space are not visible to other users until you save them to a shared concept list. When you select Active concepts in the Configure visualization tab, your current active concepts populate the information in Daylight’s analysis features, like saved concepts did previously.

Active concepts are persistent across features. Additionally, whatever active concepts you had loaded when you log out of Daylight are now present when you log back in. 

Once you have one or more shared concept lists set up, you can copy one into your active concepts list to use its concepts in visualizations or to make edits to its contents.

You can create as many shared concept lists as you need in a project. Naming shared concept lists is flexible to meet your analysis and team needs. 

To create a shared concept list with active concepts 

Use Shared Concept Lists to create a better organization system for your concepts in Daylight and to improve your collaboration with other Daylight users. It’s easy to start using Active Concepts:

  1. Click Add to active concepts in the Active concepts tab to start a new set of active concepts.

  2. Add concepts to your Active Concept List until you have a list you want to save and share to other users. These Active Concepts aren’t visible to other users yet, but will stay in your Active Concept List until you delete them or load a different list.
    Note: An Active Concept List with unshared changes displays Unshared changes in italics in the concept list row. 

To share and save your active concepts

  1. Open the Share active concepts dropdown, enter a name for your new list, and click Share. The list is saved to the project, and other users can now also work with it.
    The section that previously read Unshared changes now displays the name of your new shared concept list.

  2. Save a concept to as many concept lists as you want to. When you save a concept to a Shared Concept List, Daylight generates a new concept ID for it, so you can update that concept separately within the Shared Concept List.  

To open a shared concept list

  1. Click Open shared concept list and select the name of the shared concept list you want to open from the menu. 

  2. Click Open. A success banner appears and the concepts from that shared concept list appear in your Active concepts space.

To edit a shared concept list

  1. Open the Shared Concept List you want to edit

  2. Open the dropdown under the concept list’s name.

  3. Use this section to delete, rename, or update the list with any changes you’ve made to the concepts in it.
    Note: You can save 

  4. After opening a list into your Active concepts and editing it, click Update concepts for all users to save an updated version of the list. 

Shared concept lists in the API

This release does not include any changes to how you get concept lists from the API, but we want to clarify the interaction between multiple concept lists and the API. 

For now, you can still access only one shared concept list from the API, which you can do through the existing interface for saved concepts . 

If your project predates this release and contains a shared concept list that was previously the single saved concept list, the API returns that list.  If you deleted the single saved concept list after multiple concepts were introduced, or if your project was created after this release, you create a new saved concept list through the API as you normally would for a project with no saved concepts.  

Read more the API documentation on the Concepts endpoint and applying Concept Selectors in API documentation. 

Later, we’ll update how you can create and access multiple lists of shared concepts through the API.

Science: Data updates may affect prevalence in Daylight

The data Daylight uses to determine prevalence have been expanded and updated, and may affect the prevalence rankings you see in Daylight. Prevalence is Luminoso’s term for how frequently a word appears in a specific dataset versus how frequently the word appears in a language as a whole.

As a result of the data expansion, prevalence numbers in Daylight now more accurately reflect a word’s use in a given language. 

Since this is a change to Luminoso’s science, it will only affect projects that are created after the change went into effect, or projects that are rebuilt or updated after that date. This change will be included in Luminoso’s next science version. 

Highlights: Updated card order

With this release, we update the ordering of the cards on the Highlights feature. Now, feature summary cards are at the top of the page. This change helps orient you to the insights in your project first.  

API: Saved concepts in branched and copied projects use the same concept ID

With this release, if you branch or copy a project in Daylight, saved concepts retain the concept ID that they had in the original project.

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