Daylight | Cloud | 2020-10-24


  • Sidebar: Export & share renamed to Export & link

  • API: v4 deprecation notice

    • Change password

    • Modify user 

    • Get user

    • Modify user 

    • Modify account info 

The former Export & share tab in the sidebar is now renamed to Export & link. The new title is more descriptive of the actions you can complete in this tab. 

API: v4 deprecation notice

With this release, we are announcing the deprecation of the following endpoints at the end of November, 2020. 

These endpoints have equivalents in the v5 API:

  • Change password (PUT /api/v4/user/password/)

  • Modify user (self) (PUT /api/v4/user/profile/)

  • Modify account info (PUT /api/v4/accounts/<account>/)

These endpoints are not replicated in the v5 API:

  • Get user (GET /api/v4/accounts/<account>/users/<path:email>/profile/)

  • Modify user (PUT /api/v4/accounts/<account>/users/<path:email>/profile/)

After conducting an internal audit, Luminoso saw that these endpoints were unused for the past 180 days. Another deprecation notice will be provided before the deprecation. 

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