Daylight | Cloud | 2020-04-25

Now available 

  • Introducing new Luminoso Support Center and ticketing system


  • API documentation: Updated “float” to “number” 


  • Galaxy: Saving a searched concept no longer crashes application

Introducing new support ticketing system

The new Luminoso Support Center is now live. As of this release, April 24, submit all tickets and support issues through this portal. All help documentation articles are also now hosted at this location. Please update any bookmarks to reflect this change.

On May 1, the former Luminoso Help Center is no longer available. 

If you have questions about either change, we welcome you to send any questions to your Customer Success Manager or reach out to us at

API documentation: Updated “float” to “number”

Now, anywhere in the API documentation that previously used the term “float” now says “number.” This increases the documentation’s parity with JSON terminology. This change does not affect the term "integer,” since it’s a more specific term. 

Galaxy: Saving a searched concept no longer crashes feature

Previously, if you entered any text in the Find saved concept box on the left sidebar, then searched for a concept in the Concept details panel in the right sidebar and clicked Save concept, the feature would crash. Now, you can successfully save a concept in this pane after searching for it. 

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