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On-Site Packaging and Management

  • Native AWS Amazon Machine Image (AMI) support

    • AMI On-site image is available, which can be natively deployed in an AWS environment

    • On-site images continue to be available in other formats: VMWare, KVM, and VirtualBox

  • Automatic restart

    • When the system starts, Daylight will automatically start, requiring no manual stop/starts during system reboots


  • A changelog is now accessible through the API


  • There is no longer a minimum for adding documents to a dataset

  • Training data that contains a NULL value now throws a warning, but does not stop the process

  • If a user has no permissions in a project, their permission level will now be called “Unassigned”


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A changelog is now accessible through the API

A Compass changelog is available through the API to document upgrades and maintenance.